Monday, November 26, 2007

Cool my first post on my new blog! I couldn't really think of a name, but since this is to show off my creations, it kinda worked. Not that I didn't think I could sew after two years of sewing nappies, but more that I could sew something other than a nappy, cos it's been a long time since I have done that!

Anyway, off to find some pics...

My first shirred dress. After some initial probs with the bobbin (and a very long unpicking session), I got there. I used a combo of the sunny day tutorial, and a couple of other web based tutorials to make it. So easy and so very cute - Maia lurves her pwetty monkey dress.

Brad's Boardies. Poor Brad is desperately low on shorts, with all his showing bad signs of wear and age, so I decided to make him some boardies. Although they were a massive improvement on the *unique* shorts I made him a couple of years ago with a backwards pocket, I did a silly mistake that I don't think I will be doing again LOL. I couldn't figure out which was the right side and which was the wrong side of the fabric, turns out that I got it wrong and he now has very shiny shorts LOL! He reckons he doesn't mind, but I will make him another pair soon that are without the shine ;) Don't ya just lurve his hair in these pics ROFL

My first shorties. These look much better in the pics than they actually are. I had to frog these three times cos I just couldn't read the pattern (or count hehehe). There are a few little mistakes and holes, but not too bad for a first attempt I reckon :) Unfortunately they are a little bit short in the rise at the back, so we get some nappy peekaboo, but they should be good for when Maia finally wants to wear undies out of the house.

Patrick's Shorts:

With so many things being made for Maia, I was so excited when Patrick wanted me to make some clothes for him. I did these two pairs of shorts, he was dead keen to have pink ones, but I managed to convince him that the pink on the fabric on the pockets was pink enough lol. And yes believe it or not, these are just out of the wash - the joys of having a boy ;)