Tuesday, October 21, 2008

My poor neglected blog...

Well I knew it has been a while since I last posted, but I was horrified today to work out that it has been two months!!

I guess that is what happens when work absolutely, completely takes over your life so you barely feel like you can even breathe and since this blog is pretty much a work free zone and there has been nothing but work - not much to report haha.

My no stress motto for 2008 has been well and truely out the window for the last few months and there have been many days with the sense of an impending heart attack, so a few days at Fingal is on the cards when I get back home.

I've left my beautiful kiddies three times in the last two months, which is no fun. Luckily they have been much better on this trip, Maia was not happy with me being away for almost three weeks, but I just found out that Patrick has bitten another child at school twice in the last week, so they are concerned about him. I will be majorly working on getting some stability into their lives when I get back (plus some for my own life would be nice lol) and hopefully things can settle down a bit. They have been through a bit in the last six months and I am feeling a huge amount of mummy guilt from being away so much :(

Anyway, no real purpose for this post other than to not neglect the blog for any longer and I have another hour to kill at Heathrow before I get on my plane to come home. I have lots of pics to catch up on, my awesome birthday cake creation for Patrick's birthday, some very very very beautiful nappies to show off and maybe a couple of other bits and pieces - I will do it soon, this blog is a lovely escape from work and an escape is desperately needed!

Sue xx