Saturday, August 9, 2008

The joys of parenting...

Yesterday was one of those days. You know the type you nearly wish you could rewind and start over.

Being a lazy arse and because it was freezing I snuggling in bed with Maia til 8am, which wasn't a good start, because by the time we dragged ourselves out of bed Patrick was bored, as he had been up for an hour and a half watching telly (the no tv challenge is out the window).

I had to go to Newy to do a few things, but all my morning jobs get ready to take stuff to newy jobs were a total mission and some didn't end up getting done, I was running too late to drop into see the girls at the cloth swap which was a bit of a bummer and forgot to take stuff with me arrgghh. Plus because we were late we had to drop and run at Leah's instead of having a play, so the kiddy boredom increased.

A nice surprise was bumping into Vanessa, Logan, Fletcher and Elliana at Kotara, so we had a quick lunch with them (was very impressed at Patrick's insistence to have healthy food instead of 'skanky M' - my subliminal messages must be having an affect :p) and the boys had a 5 second play - it is soooo cute watching Patrick and Logan play - they lurve each other. Not so much fun was Maia's first poo accident of the day, as I didn't have spare clothes, wipes etc with me, but I got it cleaned up OK.

After driving around for an hour doing various work drop off's/pick ups, next stop was spotlight, I should have know that was a disaster waiting to happen - two bored kids, placated with bribery choccy, which started sending them crazy the second we walked through the doors.

I managed to get what I needed and was just about to walk up to the counter when I smelt more suspicous loggy smell. Maia had done her second poo accident for the day, so I took her off to the feral spotlight toilets for a clean up urrggg. I shouldn't be cranky, she has been getting so much better with the toilet learning, she never wears nappies in the day before (although I might go back to training pants after yesterday).

OK, so clean up sorted and I was heading downstairs and remembered that they had a sale on plain duvet covers and I need one for Patrick's bed to save me taking his back and forth to Brad's, so against my better judgement decided to take the time to get one. Only prob was that while Patrick and I were choosing, Maia disappeared. It only took a milisecond, and she was gone! I was completely panicing - couldn't find her anywhere and was starting to get that OMG someone has taken her, sick to the stomach feeling. Just when I was about to completely freak out, I heard her squeal, one of the spotlight chicks had found her hiding in a rack of clothing. Phew crisis averted, back to buying the duvet cover.

As I was standing at the counter, I got a whiff of that loggy smell again and would you believe it, she had done another nugget, which is why she had been hiding in the clothing rack - she wanted a bit of privacy rofl. The chick at the counter and I were laughing about it when we made a horrifying discovery, some of the nugget had fallen on the floor cos Maia's pants were falling down as she didn't have undies on, and Maia had squished in into the floor with her shoes and there was a 10m trail of poo footprints down one of the aisles!

About then I wanted the floor to open up, I was SOOOO embarassed, plus I realised that Maia had poo squished all down her legs, all over her pants and shoes/socks and I had no clean clothes with me, no wipes etc, so it was back to the skanky spotlight toilet to attempt to clean it all up with soggy toilet paper, whilst the poor cleaner was called to clean up the poo mess all over the floor. As you can imagine I made a hasty exit and enjoyed a lovely smelling 45 minute trip back home. Blah!

Oh what fun, it is to play, poo cleaning up games today ;)


PS this post is dedicated to Vanessa who has been checking my blog daily for updates - I didn't realise it had been nearly two weeks! I'll try and be more regular ;)


Rebecca said...

Sorry sue shouldn't laugh but so funny only cause I know it could, should and possible will happen to me one day soon I imagine.

Hugs to you all and glad you could have a little chuckle about it

vanessa said...

He He He Sue - thanks for updating your blog with such a funny post. Sorry it was so mortifying for you though - had to share your day with Stu - he was wondering why I was laughing at the computer.

Great to see you.

Hayley said...

Sorry Sue but I had a little chuckle too...*blush*....Its good that you can have a chuckle yourself.

Kids hey! Nate flashed by boobs in coles the other day cause he wanted booby cuddles, a poor old biddy almost had a heart attack as he pulled my top down and face planted in them saying "boobies cuddles mummy"!!!.