Monday, July 28, 2008

Yep that's Dave Grohl - really, it is!

While I was in fingal I made this amazing discovery that through the magic of bluetooth I could get pictures from my phone to my laptop, so I thought I would share these rather dodgy pics of Dave that I took on my mobile at the foo fighters show in May.

We were a bit late getting to the show, so by the time we got our beers it was just starting, so we decided to hang up the back and finish our beers before trying to get a bit closer. Unbeknownst to us, there was actually a whole second stage up the back and just as we were finishing the beers, the stage came down from the roof and Dave and all the band were right in front of us. It was sooooo cool, I think Brad got a bit sick of me raving like a starstruck teenager "f**k, OMG, wooooo that is Dave Grohl, like RIGHT there" etc etc hey I was excited, it's been a while since I got out ;)

Jen from Nappycino got way better pics than I did when she went the night before, but I am still happy to have these memories of a great night, was a brilliant show, love, love, loved it.

Patrick and Maia the little funksters also shared our enthusiasm for the fooeys, the whole way home from Sydney (and ever since actually), ABC kids CD's have got the arse and they have fought over the CD player and which foo fighters song should be on, Maia quite likes the pretender and generator, Patrick's current favourites are stacked actors (he calles it stacked in a tractor rofl) and long road to run. Patrick's next money saving mission is for an electric guitar and one of their favourite games to play at the moment is 'bands' where they get out the drums, ukelele, tamborine and shakers, plus the microphone that comes with the karoke cd player they got for Christmas.

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Hayley said...

LOL our kids like Silverchair and the Killers.

They all (yep even Nate) like to belt out "Wooooohoooowoooooohhhhhh...WALKING IN A STRAIGHT LINE"