Friday, July 4, 2008

Megsie Rocks!!!!

I am very embarrassed how long it has taken me to post pictures of this AMAZING creation from the superbly talented megsie, have been just a little pre-occupied over the last six weeks or so :( but finally here are the pics!

I am so incredibly blessed to have people that want to trade stuff with me, especially when it is something as wonderful as this!

Megsie made a super special Maia pint AND a pint softie!! It came just in time for Maia's 3rd birthday and as you can imagine she is in LOVE with it. 'Fairy Maia' goes everywhere with Maia, and for the first few days she did not want to take her fairy maia dress off, and even went back to wearing bibs so she didn't spill anything on her precious dress, awwwww. Megsie has managed to get a perfect Maia likeness don't you think? Maia always asks for 'fairy maia' hair now instead of pigtails, it is her current favourite hairstyle, she even lets me brush it to get it up!

Thank you so so much Megsie, you are amazing and I am in total awe of your talent and sooooooooo lucky you wanted to trade with me, I'm not much of a hyena, so don't think I would ever have much chance of getting one of these most popular softies in the whole world.

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