Monday, July 21, 2008

More of Patrick the entrepreneur

I found these pics on the memory card when looking for something else and I realised that I hadn't put them up, silly me! After seeing the stand at the expo in sydney, Patrick was desperate to have his own stand doing something and he decided that he wanted to sell lemonade. Not sure if that is because of too much curious george, or whether he had seen it somewhere else, but we were more than happy to help with his endeavours - it was a perfect way to use up a bumper crop of lemons too :)

We live on a main'ish road (well as main as you can get in the country), opposite a petrol station, so had lots of passer's by to flag down with the 'waving broom', Patrick was quite the salesman too, calling out to nearly every car that pulled into the servo LOL! He did really well out of it, making about $25 in the end, the perfect amount of $$ to get his precious orange bike off layby, which he was very stoked about!! I'll have to get a pic of him riding, he got the hang of it without training wheels almost straight away and LOVES riding.

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Shannon said...

Very clever boy you have there Sue.