Monday, July 7, 2008

Basketweave Headbands

I saw on Eilleen's blog yesterday about doing national blog posting month - doing a post every day for July and since I have been a blogging slacker these last few months, I thought I would kind of play along too even thoough I missed the first couple of days, it's something to keep me distracted from all the crazy goings on around me and motivate me to put some pics of my creations up :) The theme this month is food, so I will try to focus a little on that, but I will be doing well to do a post a day about anything - my life just ain't that exciting, so the food posts may be a little lean ;)

I've been meaning to put pics of this up for a while. A basketweave headband is the perfect way to tame a wild boy's hair ROFL. Patrick's teacher was concerned about his long hair getting in his eyes, but there was NO WAY Patrick was going to have a hair cut and I didn't want to force him, so suggested if he didn't want it cut, then he would have to wear a hairband instead. He thought that was a brilliant idea and chose hot pink wool from my wooly stash LOL. I was going to say no, cos a bright pink hairband on a boy with long hair is just a little too girly - even for me, but hey, who am I to tell him that he can't wear a pink hairband just because he's a boy! Lucky his friends at school think it is pretty cool too, so he hasn't copped any flack or anything, plus his teacher reckons she noticed a BIG difference in his behaviour and attention with his hair out of his eyes, so I'm happy with that :) Today he was a bit hairband obsessed and had two in - me thinks his hair is getting a bit tooooo long, but Patrick disagrees ;)

This pattern is sooo easy, I found it on ravelry, somewhere else I have been MIA from for a little while :( is the link. It is the perfect way to finish up little odds and ends of wool left over from other projects. I must admit, when I was making one of these, I felt like the biggest nana in the whole world, I was knitting on the way to the foo fighters ROFL. I never thought I would have considered Dave Grohl knitting music, but hey, this is funky knitting! I'm embracing my inner nana and proud of it :D

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