Saturday, July 5, 2008

Some softies for Jack

My little nephew Jack was born 8 weeks ago now - wow that has flown, I'm sure for Vicky more than me! Sadly he is in the UK so I haven't met him yet - hopefully my little sis will stop being so slack and send me some more pics - especially some in his pretty nappies pleeeeease bro ;)

Of course I sent over lots of presents and he has an enviable stash of fluffy nappies, one of the presents was extra special, some softies made with help from Patrick (and a teeny bit of Maia help too).

It was my first go at making softies which is why they look a little bit dodgy lol. They are from a pattern in the Ottobre magazine - winter 08 I think, and I used some of my plentiful pile of minkee scraps to make them.

Hopefully Jack loves them :)

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