Monday, July 21, 2008

How lucky am I???

Not just one holiday, but two!! I was supposed to stay up at fingal for a week, but I had to cut it short due to work commitments so only stayed for 5 days. The beautiful Vanessa came up with a great plan, that I should go back home, do what needed to be done for work, then bring the kids back up for the weekend - who am I to argue with such a brilliant idea? I'm so glad I did, the kids had a brilliant time on Saturday, it was so great to watch them all playing so happily!

Patrick, Maia, Logan and Fletcher had a ball at the beach, digging a huge hole big enough for them all to play in, then we all went on an adventure walk through the 'jungle' then went to the rockpools for more fun and play. It's so beautiful watching kids have such a great time :) Fingal is definately one of my most favourite places to go - I love it there so much :D

Earlier in the week, I actually had my camera handy to catch some of the frivolity, all the kids were playing with their mop horses, seeing who's horse could reach the highest and eat the most leaves. Poor Toby though, it's all fun and games until a horse mop tries to eat you ;)
Of course I am feeling even more relaxed now if that is possible, thank you so much Vanessa and Stu!! xx

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