Saturday, May 3, 2008


I have stacks to catch up on blog wise, lots of pics and bits to show off, but another frantic week means it will have to wait - hopefully tomorrow. Can't do it today because..... we are going down to Sydney to go to the Foo Fighters tonight!!!! OMG I am SO excited, I nearly feel a bit sad how excited I am. It has been a loooooooong time since we saw any live music, probably since before Patrick was born, so what a brilliant way to break the drought! We've been listened to Dave all morning getting geared up.

It's not only wow at seeing the fooeys, but wow for us - a child free night! With no family close by, it's something that just never happens, so I hope I don't spend the whole night wondering if Patrick and Maia are OK, did they go to sleep or are they still up causing Brad's dad to tear his hair out etc etc. I'm sure they will be fine, but it will feel really weird cos we just haven't been out together for such a long time. Patrick has stayed on his own at poppy's before, but not Maia, so fingers crossed she will go straight to sleep and let her worrying mum have a brill night out.

What cracked me up last night, was that we were discussing how to get there and home and we decided we should probably drive, cos we don't want to be catching a train home and hanging around central with all the eediots after midnight (haha those eediots would have been us 10 years ago). Yes how lovely, Nana Sue and Pop Brad go to see a little concert.

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Mama Mel said...

Sue I hope you guys both had an AWESOME time at the Foo!!