Monday, December 1, 2008

my dodgy blogginess

Well once again I have let this lovely little blog down and my busy life has overtaken it. I can't believe I started this a year ago now! I could spend the next hour updating it, but I really should do that later and do some work now, but I will add some pics just so it is not total blog ignorance happening :)

These are from Patrick and Maia's first ballet concert. Maia was the teeniest one in the whole show and loved the stage so much, one twirl was not enough, she wanted to do lots of twirls and stay in the centre of the stage lol. Patrick is the only boy in the entire dance company, he was one of the little piggies and was very very cute!
This one below is from the kindy spring fair, so beautiful :)

I will try and post again before the end of the week (I really will Ness I promise :p)


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