Saturday, December 13, 2008

Some more ballet pics

Well it is less than two weeks til Christmas!!! Completely unorganised here, I have not even bought a single present yet! Might have to up the game a bit next week I think - but that means braving the shops and I HATE shopping! Might have to do what I can online ASAP. Plans of making some stuff for Christmas are fast flying out the window as well, because time is running short, but at the very least I would like to make Patrick and Maia a Christmas outfit, so I need to get cracking with that.

Today though we are going to make some Christmas cards, I got some cute pics of the kids last weekend all Christmassy after we put up the lights. I was pretty happy with my job of doing the lights too, all things considered. I must admit though, I did prefer Christmas lights when I could be the one who 'helps' then watches, rather than doing it all lol - especially when it is 34 degress on putting up day, but that is part of the single mama gig, so it's all good.

And cos I am just such a proud mama of my ballet stars, some more ballet pics to share :)


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