Sunday, April 27, 2008

My Super Fabric Haul

I went to spotlight this morning to get 1/2m of drill to turn some shorts I was making for Patrick into pants and was delighted and amazed to discover some mega mega bargains. All of their clearance fabric was $2 a metre, regardless of the price tag. Of course I went a little crazy, even though I SO don't need anymore fabric, but how could I go past it!!!
My bargain of the day was embroidered taffeta was $25 now $2. I have no idea what I am going to do with the 8 metres I got yet, but mega bargain and in my fav colours of hot pink and turquoise, wooooo :D I'll be a busy busy gal!

Yay the Sun is Back

Yesterday, for the first time in two weeks, the sun decided to shine, yippppeeeee!!!!! I don't think I have ever been so happy to see the sun, I nearly didn't know what was going on when it was so bright outside. Perfect timing for a wet spell, there was two weeks of constant wet weather from the start of the school holidays to the end and lovely weather for our camping weekend too, blah. Never mind, at least the sun is back now :)

Patrick and Maia had blast camping though, rain was no deterrent to kiddie fun. Rain just meant lots of puddles which meant mud pies galore! Not quite so much fun when we ran out of dry/clean clothes though, so we only stayed two days instead of three.

I was very impressed with myself though, I took the kids early on Friday cos Brad was working and I managed to get the whole campsite, inc tent set up by myself, yeah girl power lol. The pirate campground was a cheesy as to be expected, but the kids had fun and that's the main thing.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Birthday Ruffle Skirt

I made this pressie for the beautiful birthday girl. She is so pretty and loves long 'princess' skirts, so I played around with the pattern for the ruffle skirt I made for Maia a month or so ago. I changed the length of the layers and added an extra tier. I was very excited that it turned out perfectly and fits well and most importantly, the birthday girl loves it :D

Fun fairy skirts

One of Patrick's friends had a birthday a couple of weeks ago and she had a fairy/magical dress up party, so I needed to make Patrick and Maia some outfits. I found a great tutorial for making a no sew tutu and it was pretty easy. I was thrilled with how Maia's fairy and Patrick's pixie skirt turned out.

Maia's was just strips of tulle cut about 20-25 inches long, differing lengths, cos I thought 20 inches was too short, but only found that out after I started making it lol. Patrick's was done a little differently, as I didn't want it to look so much like a tutu - he was a pixie ;). I cut the tulle for his into petal shapes and it was much longer, so not as puffy - much more manly - well as manly as a petal skirt can be ;)

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

My wee entrepreneur

I've got lots of pics etc to update, but just while I'm waiting for dinner to finish, I thought I would share what Patrick has been up to for the holidays.

He decided he wanted to run his own company selling stuff, since that is what I do. He asked me what I thought he should do and I told him if he wanted to run his own business then he should do something he loves. Well I love making cards he said, so he made his playroom into the 'card factory' and I helped him set up his very own etsy store - have a look, it's SO cute! He is very excited that he is the boss of his very own company hehehe.

I'm so proud of him, all of the cards have been completely his own - the ideas and pictures, choice of colour of the paper, card and envelope, the only thing I have helped him with was the cutting of the paper and the cardboard so it was nice and even, plus gluing the paper on the front so it is square. Other than that, it's all his creativity :) He has sold two so far, plus a few to us, so it won't be long at all before he has his lovely orange bike!

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Busy Busy Busy

Well it has been a frantic few weeks here, literally blink and holy crap, where did that two weeks disappear to! Brad's work went from nothing to totally full on and we all had to come along for the ride. I'm just starting to feel ever so slightly on top of things again. I'll update properly soon, with some pics of things I've finished, plus hopefully a picture of Miss Maia's first black eye! On the night before she was having some photos done too - perfect timing. Things like this really challenge my years resolution of not being a stress head ;)